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A Little About Us

If you're tired of searching for jobs that never respond back, take a deep breathe, and leave everything to us.

You must be wondering what it takes to get shortlisted and land an interview, right?

Well, it's not that difficult. Once you get to know the science of it, you'll end up getting shortlisted at every job you apply.

And this is exactly what DraftView is on the mission to achieve.

By optimizing your Resume and Cover Letters to a strategic and employer-oriented format, our team of experts will revamp your profile, like no other service out there.

And we're not just saying that.

We have a team of experts who have worked with many clients to help them get shortlisted and land an interview, against their dream jobs.

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Getting To Know Us – Who Are We?

What's the one thing that immediately catches the eye of the employer? Your Resume!

What's the first point of contact for the employer to get to know about you? Your Resume!

What's the easiest way to standout out, at first glance, when applying for a job? Your Resume!


A resume is a powerful tool to dictate and direct your professional journey towards your dreams and aspirations. It acts as bridge or point of contact between you and the potential employer.

It's your business or corporate card.

It's your way to leave an impactful first impression.

If you fail to standout with your Resume, it's likely that you won't pull through the other stages, and risk losing the opportunity you had dreamed of getting.

However, if you have a professionally streamlined and meaningful Resume, you will get one step closer to landing your dream job in no time.

Hence, you need to make the wise choice of going for a service that treats your profile or resume, the way it deserves to be treated. Scientifically, Strategically, and Creatively!

That is the blend that the team of Experts at DraftView offer.

"Elevate your job search and take it up a notch with DrafView's un-matched Resume Building Service"


If you've just landed at DraftView and were wondering who we are and what we do, then here's something that will help you remember us by.

DraftView is a one-window resume building platform that serves as a profile optimization ecosystem for job seekers, professionals who want to optimize their profiles, and individuals who wish to land their dream job.

Our services are backed by management professionals and industry experts who scientifically, strategically, and creatively work to produce attention grabbing resumes and profiles that will help you get one step closer to your dream job.

You can expect getting more offers from employers after your resume gets the 'DraftView Treatment.'

Throughout our experience, we have strived to offer un-matched professional resume building services to our clients and have helped many clients get more offers.

DraftView is a family that strives to make its client part of the family, by delivering top notch services and resumes that meets the changing needs of the market and industry trends.

How Can We Help You?

Our team of experts are here to serve you above and beyond, helping you build your own personal brand, voiced through captivating resumes.

We are here to make your resume standout and reap fruitful results, in terms of getting more job offers.

Building a scientific, strategic, and creative resume takes time, commitment, and expertise, which is why you shouldn’t shy out on opting for the best resume building service provider, and we’re here to be that top tier, un-matched resume building service provider for you.

Start at the right place and act now if you want to land your dream job!


Land your dream job with ease using our un-matched resume building services.

Offering multiple benefits, you are not investing in DraftView as a standalone service, you are investing in an ecosystem that strives for your potential success in getting shortlisted.

By working with one of our expert resume builder and editor, you are guaranteed to:

  • Be shortlisted during the initial screening process more frequently
  • Be invited and offered interview communication
  • Get one step closer to landing your dream job

By opting for our service, you will finally get your resumes, optimized the right way. One where you'll be getting more offers, before you even know it.

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