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Get one step closer to landing your dream job with a professionally engineered Cover Letter.

What are DraftView’s Cover Letter Writing Packages & Pricing?

  • There are three main packages:
    1. for entry-level and junior-level professionals seeking a standout Cover Letter
    2. for mid-level professionals seeking Resume and an accommodating Cover Letter
    3. for C-level executives, senior professionals, and professionals seeking 360-degree Profile Optimization, including Resume Writing, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Resume Writing.
  • Cost for Basic Package (Cover Letter Only): $25
  • Cost for Intermediate Package (Resume and Cover Letter): $75 to $135
  • Cost for Advanced Package (Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Resume Writing): $115 to $215

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This is how DraftView’s Services will Help You Land Your Dream Job

Up your ante with DraftView’s superior Cover Letter Writing Service to amplify help boost your employment chances and make it Standout amongst competing candidates

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Getting Started

Once you land on our page, you’ll get greeted with our services at a glance. This is when you’ll place your order and asked to submit your requirements for a Cover Letter and choose the package (basic, intermediate, or premium) for an initial review after which we will review and revert with our unique ‘DraftView Profile Assessment Questionnaire.’


Initial Review Performed

Once your query is submitted to us, our team of experts will go through your Cover Letter requirements in detail, pointing out all the gaps and opportunities for an expertly written cover letter.


Sending Profile Assessment Questionnaire

After receiving your order and reviewing your complete requirements (based on the selected package), we will be sharing a customized questionnaire with you. This will be DraftView’s unique Profile Assessment Questionnaire, where you will be required to fill in all the categories, including education, experience, interests, skills, achievements, and vice versa.


Identifying Needs

Our team of experts will go through your responses and gauge your requirements, while conducting need analysis to start piecing all aspects for the initial first draft of your DraftView treated Cover Letter. Data will be systematically and categorically gathered and collected at this point and a package would be recommended.


Kick Starting the First Draft

After identifying your needs and evaluating your current profile and Questionnaire response, we will initiate DraftView’s stellar Cover Letter Writing Process.


Submitting The First Draft

One of our expert finishes working on your Cover Letter and will submit you with the first draft, in case you might need any changes to be made.


Submitting Final Draft

Once you have reviewed the first draft, we will revert back with the final draft, where your Cover Letter will now transform into a customized and professional highlight reel of your professional and academic career, tailored to the Organization you wish to apply.

DraftView treated Resumes have helped industry professionals get shortlisted more and hired faster

Basic Package


A professionally engineered and designed Resume to help you stand out.

Starter Package


A professionally engineered and designed Resume and Cover Letter to take it up a notch.

Premium Package


360-degre Profile Optimization, including Resume Writing, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile Building, helping you to set the bar and take it to the next level.

What’s Include:

  • Complete Resume Makeover
  • ATS-friendly Resume Design
  • AI-inspired Keywords
  • Employer-centric Resume
  • Customization according to Job Description
  • Result-oriented Algorithm
  • Resume Treatment by Management Expert
  • Employer-centric Cover Letter
  • Expertly drafted and Tailored Cover Letter
  • Cover Letter matched with Job Description
  • 360-degree Profile Optimization
  • LinkedIn Profile Building from Scratch
  • Profile Optimization by Management Expert
  • Strategically Optimization for increased traffic by Employers
No Hidden Charges

No Hidden Charges

We will not charge anything above the quoted prices.

Money Back

45 Days Money Back Guarntee

If you fail to get shortlisted, file for a refund and get your money back.

Delivery Badge

6-week Guaranteed Shortlisting

We guarantee that you’ll be shortlisted within 6 weeks. If not, get your money back.

Get One Step Closer To Landing Your Dream Job

Get your Cover Letter written by DraftView and get shortlisted for your dream job.

Brandon Klein

Bret Thompson

Senior Analyst & Strategist

Being an analyst myself, I absolutely love DraftView’s services and what they have to offer. Amazing layouts and approach. It’s like on-boarding your own personal Resume Building Consultant. The team is very well-versed and professional and deliver superior results. I got shortlisted within 2 weeks after getting my Resume treated from DraftView.

Linn Mollberg

Josh David

Junior Marketing Strategist

An amazing experience with DraftView! Got my Resume made within 3 days. Their approach is quite promising and they help you streamline and optimize your Resume as per the requirements of top employers. I was able to get shortlisted within a week, after initial submission of my DraftView-optimized Resume. The team is quite experienced and cooperative.

Hicham Berkouk

Millie Daniel

Senior WordPress Developer

Can’t begin to explain on how DraftView has helped in landing my dream job with their Resume Building Service. I was reached out by the Employer within 2 days. They not only promise, but deliver on their promises. And they deliver exceptionally. At first, I was skeptical and hesitant, but now I can safely say that DraftView’s Resume Building Service is exemplary. They are transparent in their communication and keep their clients updated throughout the entire process. Highly recommended!

Why Should You Opt For Draft View?

We are game changers. We don’t simply promise. We live up to those promises and strive in exceeding expectations of our clients. We provide guarantee against our services. We know what we are doing and we want to win our clients by helping them land their dream job, which is why the DraftView treatment will leave you astonished and our team is here to tell you how, by walking you through the DraftView’s iconic Cover Letter writing service.

Backed by Management Experts

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Why Draft View

Some Facts & Figures

  • According to Glassdoor Experts, Cover Letters are favored by hiring managers because they showcase individual characteristics about a candidate
  • Cover Letters are Extensions of Resume and your chance to differentiate yourself from the rest
  • 83% respondents of a study conducted by ResumeLab says that a Cover Letter is important in the decision-making process
  • 83% of respondents for a study believe that a Cover Letter will help candidates land an interview even if their Resume is not good enough
  • 200 hiring decision-makers of a survey believe that Cover Letters are an important part of a job application package
  • 77% of Hiring Managers would prefer a candidate who includes a Cover Letter with his/ her application

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some important questions and their addressed answers that you may seek, prior to using DraftView’s Cover Letter Writing Service:

Why should you opt for Professionally Written Cover Letter the first place?

Cover Letter writing is no longer something that you can simply copy or make from the internet. It’s a science. A science which involves attention to detail, captivating experiences and keywords, based on what the Employer’s seek.

Despite the emphasis om Resume standing out, there are 74% chances that your application might proceed and get shortlisted, if you’re Cover Letter was good, and 77% of Hiring decision-makers prefer to receive a Cover Letter with the job application.

This is the reason why you need to opt for a professionally written Cover Letter, which DraftView will help you in delivering.

Are we reliable?

100%. DraftView’s team of experts strive to help you build a strong profile, guaranteed to make Employers shortlist your application at first glance. We have a highly decorated and dedicated team of writers and management experts who will ensure that you get the desired results.

What if I’m not happy with the draft?

Our process involves 7 unique steps. And part of those steps includes sending you an initial first draft for review. The purpose of doing so is to make sure that your needs and preferences are matched with our services. Any changes you require at this stage are accommodated, after which the final draft is submitted.

What other services do we offer?

We offer one-window profile building solution, catering to cover letter writing, resume writing, LinkedIn resume writing, and overall profile optimization.

How long does our process takes?

Our 7 unique steps of process are designed to be catered between 4 to 15 working days. However, the days may vary depending on the complexity of project and the demands of clients. However, we strive to provide seamless, quick, and efficient services.

Can I get my Cover Letter sooner?

Yes. You can. If you’re in a hurry to apply for your dream job, with the best possible Cover Letter, you can opt for DraftView’s premium package, where we will deliver you your Cover Letter within 3 working days.

Do we offer any guarantee?

Yes. We offer 45-day money back guarantee on our services, subject to relevant terms and conditions.
After using our service, if you were unable to get shortlisted, we will provide you with a full refund.