Technology has advanced exponentially. There are so many applications of technology that allows for endlessly possibilities, regardless of your usage intent.

When it comes to Resume Writing, there has always remained a popular debate amongst people. This debate is regarding whether one should opt for free Resume builders that are available online or seek professionally written resumes through paid service providers.

We are here to enlighten you further on the debate and explain to you why there is no such thing as a ‘free Resume writer,’ in terms of services.

Don’t worry.

We’ll help you understand and explain why a professionally written Resume might be your best bet.

Free Resume VS Professional Resume

As human beings, we often jump towards the most convenient option for us, especially if something’s free. Everyone wants to save a few bucks and get the cheapest or cost-free option, whenever we are given the chance.

However, if there’s one thing you shouldn’t cheap out on, is your Resume.

Resumes, today, are no longer words. Well, they are words, but today, they are optimized words.

These optimized words instigate action and help you get closer to your dream job.

There are many Resume builders online that help you generate ready-to-use Resume templates, in a matter of seconds. They have all the information stored within the Resume builder, and you just need to go along and select the option that matches your profile, experience, and profession.

However, you must be thinking that these Resume builders are a form of free Resume writers, but they are far from that. These are auto-generated tools that offer you a quick, but ineffective way out.

For you to stand out with your profile, you need to opt for a professional Resume writing service, where an expert writer crafts your Resume from scratch.

Here’s why you should opt for a professional Resume writing service, instead of a free Resume builder online:

Individualization VS Generalization

Opting for a professionally written (paid) Resume by a service provider allows you take advantage of experience. Once you consult a professional Resume writer, that expert will individualize your Resume, including significant aspects of your professional and academic career. He/ she will know what to include in the Resume, based on years of experience and credibility. A professional Resume writer will know how to add value to your profile.

On the contrary, if you use a tool to generate a free Resume online, then you won’t get the desired outcome, as the information generated would be general and standard, with no value addition to your profile. In essence, your Resume will contain only words with no optimization.

ATS-Friendly Optimization Vs Standardized Format

In this technology-driven era, where recruitment and aspects of HR are becoming data-driven and mandated through customized HR systems, a candidate pool picks up ATS-friendly Resumes that only a professional Resume writer or an online resume writing service would help you with.

ATS, also known as Applicant Tracking System, is a candidate pool where Resumes of all candidates are received and evaluated, systematically. If your Resume is not optimized in an ATS-friendly manner, your Resume won’t get shortlisted during the initial submission.

A free Resume builder won’t be able to optimize your Resume, as per ATS standards, where as, a professional Resume writer can.

Up-to-date on Industry and Market Trends

A certified and experienced Resume writer, operating under a credible resume writing service provider or platform, will keep his/ her clients updated on the latest industry and market trends, familiarity and PR is notable employers. This will help these writers to deliver you with the best possible, up-to-date Resume that may be the key for you to get one step closer to your dream job.

A free online Resume builder won’t do any good in this regard, as it won’t help you out in the latest industry trends or credibility with top employers. Hence, you won’t be able to standout with your Resume.

When to Use a Free (Online) Resume Builder Service?

It must be clear to you by now that the best bet for you to get noticed by Employers, is to seek professional Resume writing services. However, there are some cases where you can use a free Resume builder tool online:

  • To understand the concept of Resume – if you are new to Resume Writing and want to have a general overview or idea about how Resume works, its different templates, content, structure, and vice versa, then an online Resume builder tool would help you get that general understanding.
  • If you’re a fresher – if you’re starting out fresh with zero experience, then a Resume builder tool would offer you a quick way to get a ready-to-use Resume for those initial internship applications or university proposals. If you’re a student looking to apply for internships or part-time jobs with almost zero Resume writing skills, then a resume builder tool will help you out free of cost.

Key Takeaway

A professionally written Resume amplifies your overall profile, tailoring your professional career to the linking of potential employers, whereas a free Resume builder is an easy way out, and one that’ll cost you golden job opportunities, simply because your Resume was not optimize.

Therefore, we recommend that you opt for a Resume writing service backed by experts who’ll transform your Resumes into shortlisting magnets.