Job application letters are received by employers in large quantities every passing hour. Hence, employers don’t have enough time to go over every single job application letter in detail.

Usually, employers spend few seconds on looking at different Job application letters, making it extremely important for applying candidates to write compelling job application letters. 

Today, we will help you make your next job application letter standout from other competing candidates. 

Tips on Writing Effective Job Application Letters

Writing job applicatio letters may seem easy, but it’s a matter of attention to detail, and structuring your application letter in a manner that helps your application standout and set itself apart. 

Here are some concrete ways and tips for you to transform your job application letter.

Explaining Yourself as the Right Fit for The Company

When it comes to job application letters, you need to understand that companies, employers, and hiring managers are not looking for another biography. They’re looking for captivating letters that explain why you are thr right fit for their company. 

Hence, a good job application letter will explain how you are the right fit for the company, expressing details about your personality and work ethic that matches the core values of that company. You will also elaborate on how you will benefit the company through your skills and expertise. 

Add Employer Touch Points Through Reaearxh

One of the most important factors of writing good application letters is to research well into the company. Use mediums like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and other career forums to understand what type of company you’re applying to, its touch points, recent trends, notable achievements, activities, causes, and interests. Once you research into the company, include, in your job application letter, the touch points that will show that you genuinely want to become part of that organization. 

This will immediately help your job application letter standout from the rest and reviewing manager would pick up on how you’ve researched about the company, showing you genuine interest. 

Showcase Your Skills with Numbers and Relevance

What’s the first thing that catches someone’s eyes? Numbers. When writing a job application letter, you must focus on how to elevate your application through numbers and quantifiable deliverables that you achieved throughout your professional career and include only those that are relevant to the job or position you’re applying for. Don’t overload your job application letter with information. Include what’s right and what’s relevant. This way, the employer would be able to correlate and set context. 

Use of Keywords

More often than not, your job application letter would be automatically reviewed in a system or candidate pool, where your job application letter has been submitted. If that’s the case, you’d want to optimize your application letter with the use of appropriate keywords that fall in line with the job being applied for. Here, you need to thoroughly go over the job posting, the job description, roles and responsibilities, and vice versa. After that, you need to include similar keywords in the application letter so that it is immediately picked up in the system or candidate pool.

Some Crucial Things to Avoid (Don’ts)

While you can incorporate the above tips to make your job application letter standout, there are some important don’ts to consider or pitfalls to avoid:

  • Leave no room for grammatical errors – grammatical errors are very off putting, which is why you’ll need to proof read your application over and over again to make sure you avoid any spelling mistake. 
  • Have your application letter reviewed by someone else – it is always best to get a second opinion about your work, in order to help you out with any doubt or confusion. This way, you’ll know where you stand or what thing or element you might have missed out on. 
  • Don’t use a common template – when submitting a job application letter, try to avoid using a common template, as the employer may not receive it well. Imagine if you’re using the same template millions of other candidates are also using. There are chances that the employer may ignore your application all together, considering it as a duplicate. So, make sure to adopt a unique template, or better yet, stick with a plain one. No need to glamorize on the template. Employers are looking for skills not aesthetics.


Job application letters that are carefully crafted are always picked up by Employers. It is not about how your job application letter is designed, it’s about how you’ve structured it, and established meaningful relevance that cannot be foreseen by the reader. 

Make sure to stick to the tips we’ve mentioned, also avoiding pitfalls, while submitting job application letters.